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Mons Casa Boutique Hotel

Mons Casa Boutique, is the first and only boutique hotel of the region, built in a scenic valley at a point with mountains on three sides, in Bayır Village, which is the famous Saklı Village of Marmaris.

It is known that the village was founded in 200 BC. It is claimed that a temple dedicated to the god of health Asklepios is located in the area where the Bayır Village was founded on the ancient city of Syrna and where the mosque is now located.
The acropolis of the city of Syrna is on Yancak Hill, 2 km northeast of the village. The acropolis can be reached from Bayır by following the ancient stone road, which is still used today. The climb takes about half an hour. Part of the city walls, tomb cover stones and building remains can be seen in the acropolis. The ancient stones in the Bayır cemetery are most likely from the city of Syrna. A gigantic plane tree that is about 2000 years old decorates the square of Bayır Village. It is believed that when turning around the plane tree, which has a 3-meter trunk, a healthy and long life will open up.

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Our hotel offers the unique nature, calmness, peace and natural products of Bayır Village to its guests with its location and concept. We invite you to be our guests to experience the natural taste that will leave on your palate with our local olive and olive oil, pure honey, homemade pancakes and village butter, in the shade of mastic and olive trees, with 10 different rooms, each carefully selected and designed.
Bayir village, Turkey's oxygen is referred to as one of the most abundant place, and although the slope of the mountain village, Bayir is located quite close to the coast of Çiftlik, Orhaniye, Selimiye, Turgut.

Bayır Village continues to host its guests not only in summer, but also in all seasons, as the "safari" tours with jeeps have been the favorite stop and a bicycle tour route in recent years.
mons casa marmaris