You can walk in half an hour from the ancient stone road used from the past to the present. There are walls, tombstones and ruins of buildings among the ruins. Experts believe that some of the historical stones seen in the Bayır Village cemetery were also taken from the ruins of the city of Syrna. In the Hellenistic period, it was famous for its temple in the name of the Health God Asklepios.

Marmaris Merkez 26 Km
Selimiye 11 Km
Kız Kumu Plajı 12 Km
İçmeler 17 Km
Bozburun 20 Km
Çiftlik Koyu Plajı 8 Km
Söğüt 13 Km
Datça 74 Km
Turunç 16 Km
Turgut Şelalesi 6 Km
Martı Marina 14 Km
Hisarönü 20 Km
Delikyol Koyu Plajı 5 Km